The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs

Absolutely Cuckoo
I Don't Believe in the Sun
All My Little Words
A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off
Reno Dakota
I Don't Want to Get Over You
Come Back From San Fransisco
The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
I Think I Need a New Heart
The Book of Love
Fido, Your Leash is Too Long
How Fucking Romantic
The One You Really Love
Punk Love
Parades Go By
Boa Constrictor
A Pretty Girl is Like
My Sentimental Melody
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
Sweet-Lovin' Man
The Things We Did and Didn't Do
Love is Like Jazz
When My Boy Walks Down the Street
Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old
Very Funny
Grand Canyon
No One Will Ever Love You
If You Don't Cry
You're My Only Home
(Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy
My Only Friend
Promises of Eternity
World Love
Washington, D.C.
Long-Forgotten Fairytale
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Papa Was a Rodeo
Epitaph For My Heart
Asleep and Dreaming
The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing
The Way You Say Good-Night
Abigail, Belle of Kilronan
I Shatter
It's a Crime
Busby Berkeley Dreams
I'm Sorry I Love You
Acoustic Guitar
The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure
Love in the Shadows
Bitter Tears
Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget
Yeah! Oh, Yeah!
Experimental Music Love
Love is Like a Bottle of Gin
Queen of the Savages
Blue You
I Can't Touch You Anymore
Two Kinds of People
How to Say Goodbye
The Night You Can't Remember
For We Are the King of the Boudoir
Strange Eyes
Xylophone Track

Kinski 7 (Or 8)

Detroit Trickle Down
Flight Risk
I Fell Like a Fucking Flower
Drink Up and Be Somebody
Operation Negligee
Bulletin of the International String Figure Association

The Delta Saints A Bird Called Angola

Bird Called Angola
Good in White
Company of Thieves
Callin' Me Home
Swamp Groove
Voodoo Walk

The War On Drugs A Deeper Understanding

Up All Night
Holding On
Strangest Thing
Knocked Down
Nothing To Find
Thinking Of A Place
In Chains
Clean Living
You Don't Have To Go

David Grubbs A Guess At The Riddle

Knight Errant
A Cold Apple
Wave Generators
Magnificence as Such
The Neophyte
Rosie Ruiz
You'll Never Tame Me
Your Neck in the Woods
One Way Out of the Maze
Hurricane Season
Coda (Breathing)

Oneida A List Of The Burning Mountains

A List of the Burning Mountains 1
A List of the Burning Mountains 2

Will Berman / MGMT A Little Dark Age

She Works Out Too Much
Little Dark Age
When You Die
Me and Michael
Days That Got Away
One Thing Left to Try
When You're Small
Hand it Over

Turing Machine A New Machine For Living


Flip-book Oscilloscope

The Doodler


(got My) Rock Pants On

On Form And Growth

Swiss Grid

Still Flyin A Party In Motion

Bull Riff


Neu Idea

Higher Than Five

A Place To Bury Strangers A Place to Bury Strangers

Missing You
Don't Think Lover
To Fix The Gash In Your Head
The Falling Sun
Another Step Away
I Know I'll See You
She Dies
My Weakness

Horseback A Plague of Knowing- Singles, Splits, and Rarities

On the Eclipse
High Ashen Slab
Another World
Heathen Earth
Thee Cult of Henry Flynt
Oblivion Eaters
Broken Orb
TV Eye (Live)
Stolen Fire
Do You Have a True Feeling? (Plagued Version)
Luciferian Theme
North Star Struck (Plagued Version)
Transparency (Murdered Again)
Blood Loop
Clattering Info Aggregators
Do You Have a True Feeling? (Stolen Fire Version)
North Star Struck (Destroyed Demo Version)
Impale Golden (Live)
A Plague of Knowing

Titus Andronicus A Productive Cough

Number One (In New York)
Real Talk
Across the Bodega (Local Business)
Crass Tattoo
(I'm) Like a Rolling Stone
Home Alone
Mass Transit Madness (Goin' Loco')