American Football American Football

Never Meant

The Summer Ends


For Sure

You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon

But the Regrets Are Killing Me

I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional

Stay Home

The One With The Wurlitzer

American Football American Football (LP2)

Where Are We Now?
My Instincts Are The Enemy
Home Is Where the Haunt Is
Born to Lose
I've Been So Lost for So Long
Give Me the Gun
I Need a Drink (or Two or Three)
Desire Gets in the Way
Everyone is Dressed Up

American Football American Football (LP3)

Every Wave To Ever Rise (ft. Elizabeth Powell)
Uncomfortably Numb (ft. Hayley Williams)
Heir Apparent
Doom In Full Bloom
I Can't Feel You (ft. Rachel Goswell)
Mine To Miss
Life Support

American Football American Football EP

The One With The Tambourine
Letters and Packages
Five Silent Miles

Chris Staples American Soft

Walking With a Stranger
Hold Onto Something
Black Tornado
Dark Side of the Moon
Where We Used to Be
Grand Coulee Band
Needle Park
Early Bird Tavern

David Berman / Silver Jews American Water

Random Rules
Smith & Jones Forever
Night Society
Federal Dust
Blue Arrangements
We Are Real
Send in the Clouds
Like like the the the Death
Buckingham Rabbit
Honk if You're Lonely
The Wild Kindness

TRĂ˜N & DVD An American Horror Story

A Night to Dismember
Nice Head, I Think I'll Take It
Friday The 13th
The Devil's Vacation House
Blood Mania
The Haunted
Christmas Evil
Four Walls
Judgement Day
Stir of Echoes
The End: In Heaven

Titus Andronicus An Obelisk

Just Like Ringing a Bell
Troubleman Unlimited
(I Blame) Society
My Body and Me
Hey Ma
Beneath the Boot
On the Street
Within the Gravitron
The Lion Inside
Tumult Around the World

David Grubbs An Optimist Notes The Dusk

Gethsemani Night
An Optimist Declines
Holy Fool Music
Storm Sequence
Eyeglasses of Kentucky
The Not-So-Distant

Sidewalk Chalk An Orchid Is Born

Infinite Growth
Long Time Coming
Take The Time
The Sitcom
The Prayer
We Burn You Down
Will We?
Tell Me Now
A Suite For Black Lives
Bloom Again
The Epilogue

THEIR / THEY’RE / THERE Analog Weekend

Curtain Call
New Blood
Travelers Insurance

Barn Owl Ancestral Star

Visions in Dust
Ancestral Star
Night's Shroud
Cavern Hymn
Light from the Mesa