Joel Michael Howard 5th Grade, Part B

Room 17
Glossy Rocky
So What If You Care
Man Made
A Lot Of Things
Long Offer
Rubin Marsh

The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs

Kinski 7 (Or 8)

Detroit Trickle Down

Flight Risk

I Fell Like a Fucking Flower


Drink Up and Be Somebody

Operation Negligee

Bulletin of the International String Figure Association

The War On Drugs A Deeper Understanding

Up All Night
Holding On
Strangest Thing
Knocked Down
Nothing To Find
Thinking Of A Place
In Chains
Clean Living
You Don't Have To Go

Oneida A List Of The Burning Mountains

A List of the Burning Mountains 1

A List of the Burning Mountains 2

Turing Machine A New Machine For Living


Flip-book Oscilloscope

The Doodler


(got My) Rock Pants On

On Form And Growth

Swiss Grid

Still Flyin A Party In Motion

Bull Riff


Neu Idea

Higher Than Five

Titus Andronicus A Productive Cough

Number One (In New York)
Real Talk
Across the Bodega (Local Business)
Crass Tattoo
(I'm) Like a Rolling Stone
Home Alone
Mass Transit Madness (Goin' Loco')

Laura Stevenson A Record

Baby Bones

The Pretty One

Landslide/The Dig

Nervous Rex

The Source and The Sound (The Sound & The Source)

A Shine To It


Beets Untitled



Holy Ghost!

Takka Takka A.M. Landscapes

A Bad Sign (Highs and Lows)

We Are Pilgrims No More (The End of Our Traveling Days)

When You Leave

These Broken Chairs

Our Great Escape

How to Eat a Wolf

Grave Song

All of Our Make Up (Words from the Front)

Nonsense Waves

Little Child

Tunnels (Beneath a Ruined Landscape)

Dalek Abandoned Language

(Subversive Script)
Abandoned Language
Bricks Crumble
Content to Play Villian
Corrupt (Knuckle Up)
Isolated Stare
Paragraphs Relentless
Stagnant Waters
Starved For Truth

Dalek Absence

A Beast Caged
Asylum (Permanent Underclass)
Culture For Dollars
Distorted Prose/ Ever Somber
Eyes to Form Shadows
In Midst of Struggle
Opiate the Masses