Gregory Jamie
Gabe Darling
Jesse Newman
David Rogers-Berry
Bob Pycior

As O’ Death wrapped up production on their third studio album Outside at the end of 2010, lead-singer/guitarist Greg Jamie relocated to Biddeford, Maine, to take over a local music and arts venue and turn it into The Oak and The Ax.  Since then, Maine and The Oak and The Ax have become a second home for o’death and eventually the location for the recording of their fourth full-length studio album.

The band convened in South Portland, ME, to work with lo-fi recording guru, Caleb Mulkerin (Big Blood, Fire On Fire, Cerberus Shoal) and to take advantage of the homey space in Biddeford they had performed in many times since 2011.  On Out of Hands We Go, o’death return to a focus on live performances with Jamie’s voice and lyrics planted firmly in the center of the band’s dynamic arrangements, a stark departure from the multi-tracked and meticulously overdubbed Outside.

Greg Jamie’s strength as a lyricist is his ability to create evocative images and details that come together to form a narrative if the listener is ready to walk the path. Out of Hands We Go contains stories of a more personal nature, abandoning horror-film vignettes in favor of heartbreak (“Heal In The Howling,” “Herd,” “Apple Moon,”), defiance (“Roam,” “Wrong Time,” “Wait For Fire”) and ultimately triumph (“All Is Light,” “We Had A Vision”) before culminating in the climactic “Isavelle” that fires on all dramatic cylinders.


O’Death O’Death – Friends & Family compilation Vol. 1 & 2

Big Blood - The Grove Is Hotter Than An Ocean's Oven
Heal in the Howling
Charlie Parr - Cheap Wine
Razed Against The Wire (Interlude)
The Icebergs - Broken Heart
Angels Fool the Light (Intro)
Dead Western - Separation Isolation
Lonesome Leash - Dead
Greg Jamie - Be Brave
The Woes - I'm The One
Aleph & Omega (Outro)
Murder By Death - Home
Greg Jamie - O'Death
This Frontier Needs Heroes - Down On The Farm
Colin Langenus and Jonah Rapino - Processional
Princess Peter - Black Tongue (Interlude)
The Huntress - Call To Arms
Mystery Red Inferno - Possum
Sgub Strings (Interlude)
Clawman - (Don't) Call Us
Hate Screwed (Interlude)
Bridge of Branches
Dan Deacon - 005 sept22 (Interlude)
Living Ghost

O’Death Out Of Hands We Go

Wrong Time
All Is Light
Wait For Fire
Go and Play With Your Dead Horses
Apple Moon
When My Dog Gets Out Let Him Run
We Had A Vision
Heal In The Howling

O’Death Outside

Ghost Head
Black Dress
Look At The Sun
Howling Through
Don't Come Back
Pushing Out
Back Of The Garden
The Lake Departed

O’Death Broken Hymns Limbs And Skin

Fire On Peshtigo
Legs To Sin
Mountain Shifts
Vacant Moan
A Light That Does Not Dim
Grey Sun
Crawl Through Snow
On An Aching Sea

O’Death spider hole 7″

spider home
silk hole

O’Death low tide EP

Low Tide
I Think I'm Fine
Nimrod's Son

O’Death Head Home

Down To Rest
Allie Mae Reynolds
The Crab Apple Switch
O Lee O
Busted Old Church
Travelin Man
Face Mask
Only Daughter
Ground Stump
Rickety Fence Teeth
All The World
Jesus Look Down
Gas Can Row