O’Death - O’Death – Friends & Family compilation Vol. 1 & 2

Big Blood - The Grove Is Hotter Than An Ocean's Oven
Heal in the Howling
Charlie Parr - Cheap Wine
Razed Against The Wire (Interlude)
The Icebergs - Broken Heart
Angels Fool the Light (Intro)
Dead Western - Separation Isolation
Lonesome Leash - Dead
Greg Jamie - Be Brave
The Woes - I'm The One
Aleph & Omega (Outro)
Murder By Death - Home
Greg Jamie - O'Death
This Frontier Needs Heroes - Down On The Farm
Colin Langenus and Jonah Rapino - Processional
Princess Peter - Black Tongue (Interlude)
The Huntress - Call To Arms
Mystery Red Inferno - Possum
Sgub Strings (Interlude)
Clawman - (Don't) Call Us
Hate Screwed (Interlude)
Bridge of Branches
Dan Deacon - 005 sept22 (Interlude)
Living Ghost