Chelsea Wolfe Abyss

Carrion Flowers
Iron Moon
Dragged Out
Grey Days
After the Fall
Crazy Love
Simple Death
Color of Blood
The Abyss

The Royal Arctic Institute Accidental Achievement

Leaky Goes To Brooklyn
The Grubert Effect
Raymond Roussell
When Razors Were Works Of Art
The Lark Mirror
Frosted Tips
The Vorrh
Dear Mister Bookman
Dark Matter (Song For Randy Newman To Sing)
Northern Progress Exploration Company

Smog Accumulation: None

A Hit
Spanish Moss
Chosen One
Real Live Dress
Came Blue
Little Girl Shoes
Cold Blooded Old Times
White Ribbon
I Break Horses
Hole in the Heart

Kinski Accustomed to Your Face

Fun Couple
Guest Girl Vocalist
Kinski 101
This is the Weekend We Take the House Apart
There Goes Hot Stamper
Riff MOM
A Nap is a Slice of the World
That's the Way I see the City

Alanna Royale Achilles

Last To Know
Nobody Else
Cop Show
Phantom Limb
Big Time Me
True Fool
Rock & Stone
Go Back

Generationals Actor-Caster

I Promise
Yours Forever
You Say It Too
Goose & Gander
Dirty Mister Dirty
Black and White
Tell Me Now
Please Be It

Generationals Actor-Castor

Ten Twenty Ten
I Promise
Yours Forever
You Say it Too
Goose & Gander
Dirty Mister Dirty
Black & White
Tell Me Now
Please Be It

Fascinations Grand Chorus Actor/Actress

When You Make Up Your Mind
Up to You
Can't Make Everyone Happy

Telekinesis Ad Infinitum

Falling (In Dreams)
In a Future World
Courtesy Phone
Sleep In
It's Not Yr Fault
Farmers Road
Ad Infinitum Pt. 1
Ad Infinitum Pt. 2

Tim Kasher Adult Films

American Lit
Truly Freaking Out
Where’s Your Heart Lie
The Willing Cuckold
Life and Limbo
Lay Down Your Weapons
You Scare Me To Death
A Raincloud is a Raincloud
A Looping Distress Signal
A Lullaby, Sort Of

TRØN & DVD Adventure Time

Adventure Time
Thunder Raps (Feat. Lynk)
This Is All Me
Run (Feat. Trav(is)Like)
Sick Life Mobbin'
Crime Pays (Feat. Joey Pepitone)
Nice Guys Finish Last (Feat. mAz)
Never Odd or Even
Free Your Mind
Sluggin' Hard
The Life I Lead (Feat. Maddux)
Throw It Down (Feat. D.O.T.)
Secrets (Feat. Lynk)
Sick Life Stuntin'
We're In Here Too (REDUX)
Ham & Cheese

TRØN & DVD Afraid Of The Dark

Regeneration (feat. Amy Bezunartea)
Year One
Destructo Bros
Afraid Of The Dark
Static Shock
We Are The Weirdos
Boys Get Lost II
The Three-Headed Beast (feat. Lynk)
So Far Throne (feat. Jennifer O'Connor)