ISIS - Oceanic: Remixes​/​Reinterpretations

Fennesz "Weight"
Ayal Naor (27) "False Light" (Carry Edit)
Thomas Koner "Hym"
James Plotkin "The Other"
Tim Hecker "Carry" (First Version)
Teledubgnosis "Maritime"
Mike Patton "Maritime"
Venetian Snares "The Beginning and the End"
Tim Hecker "Carry" (Second Version)
The Oktopus (Dalek) "False Light"
DJ Speedranch feat. Guilty Connector "Carry: Like I Will Love Her Forever?" (Fuckin' Die!!!)
Destructo Swarmbots "From: Sinking, To: Drowning"
JK Broadrick "Hym"