Steve Moore


New York-based musician Steve Moore is a prolific multi-instrumentalist whose work has ranged from noise rock to minimal techno to film scores. As the co-founder of the synth-heavy prog rock duo Zombi, Moore played a major role in the resurgence of interest in vintage horror film soundtracks during the 2000s and 2010s, greatly influencing the synthwave genre. Similarly, Moore‘s early solo albums such as 2007’s The Henge and 2010’s Primitive Neural Pathways preceded the revival of Berlin School-style synth music and new age. Moore‘s ventures into beat-driven material have included disco records as Gianni Rossi (including 2011 full-length Burning Feeling) and techno singles on labels such as Kompakt and L.I.E.S. He has become increasingly busy composing soundtracks for horror films, such as 2016’s The Mind’s Eye. He resumed non-soundtrack work with his ambient-leaning 2019 full-length Beloved Exile.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1975, he was a member of experimental hardcore group Microwaves during the early 2000s. Along with drummer A.E. Paterra, Moore formed Zombi, a duo heavily influenced by vintage prog rock as well as classic horror movie soundtracks by the likes of Goblin and John Carpenter. Zombi signed to metal label Relapse and released many acclaimed albums, earning a dedicated fan base. In 2007, Relapse issued Moore‘s first solo effort, a dark, sprawling electronic album titled The Henge. In 2008, HLAVA released one of Moore‘s early synthesizer demos on vinyl, and Noiseville released his LP Vaalbara. In 2008, Mooredebuted his alias Gianni Rossi by composing a sleazy disco soundtrack to a low-budget flick titled Gutterballs. Neo-disco label Permanent Vacation issued the album in 2009.

By this time, Zombi‘s music had also become more influenced by electro and Italo-disco, and Moore became a prolific remixer in addition to creating his own dance tracks. He debuted his disco alter ego Lovelock in early 2010, releasing a Patrick Cowley-esque EP titled Pino Grigio on Mindless Boogie. He also shared a split single with Maxime Dangles as part of revered German techno label Kompakt’s Speicher series. Static Caravan released his solo LP Primitive Neural Pathways, later compiling it on CD with Vaalbara. As Gianni Rossi, he composed the soundtrack to Star Vehicle, which was issued by Permanent Vacation in early 2011. Also that year, he debuted his synth pop duo Miracle (with British musician Daniel O’Sullivan) with several singles on House Anxiety Records. Under his own name, he released the “Zero-Point Field” single on Ron Morelli‘s L.I.E.S. imprint, which was followed by “Panther Moderns” in 2012. The year also brought Lovelock‘s debut full-length, Burning Feeling, on Internasjonal. Temporary Residence issued Brainstorm, a split LP between Moore and Paterra under his Majeure alias. Also that year, Cuneiform released Moore‘s solo album Light Echoes.

In 2013, Moore‘s soundtrack to the 2005 documentary Horror Business was issued on vinyl by Death Waltz, the cassette Positronic Neural Pathways was released by VCO Records, and the single “Zen Spiders” appeared on Future Times. Near the end of the year, Planet Mu released Miracle‘s debut full-length, Mercury, and Moore‘s solo album Pangaea Ultima surfaced on Spectrum Spools. In 2015, two additional soundtrack albums by Moore were released: The Guest(Death Waltz) and Cub (Relapse). He also released 7″ singles on Ghost Box (Other Voices 04) and Death Waltz (Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object). Moore‘s soundtrack for the thriller The Mind’s Eye appeared on Relapse in late 2016. He returned the following year with a soundtrack to the American action-horror movie Mayhem, which was also released via Relapse. Beloved Exile, Moore‘s first non-soundtrack album in over five years, was released by Temporary Residence in 2019. The full-length featured appearances by harpist Mary Lattimore and Tunisian singer/songwriter Emel Mathlouthi.