Christopher Bear

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Grizzly Bear’s Chris Bear knows how to channel any creative idea and shape it into something distinctive. Bear grew up outside of Chicago and began playing with different kinds of bands early on, but found himself gravitating more towards jazz and improvised music, which propelled his choice to move to New York. Bear is eloquent in the language of rock as well, fully understanding the power of the backbeat and how to elicit the warm, deep drum tones that provide the perfect underpinning to Grizzly Bear’s quietly ambitious music.

Bear is also know for contributing score to HBO’s High Maintenance. His best tracks appear in “Grandpa,” a season-one episode told from the perspective of a neglected dog who’s fallen hard for his walker, Beth (Yael Stone). Bear’s “Beth’s Theme” is a glittering halo around the object of the canine’s affections, while “Pup Luv” relays his observations about her in drowsily hummed lyrics like, “In the park with lovers/She walks like no other/When I stop/She picks up after me.”