Christoph Berg


Christoph Berg

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Photo Credit: Ryo Mitamura


Christoph Berg Tape Anthology Vol. 1

The Vineyard
Notes From Kyoto
A Discordant Hum of Voices
Concertino for Tape and Violin - I. Violino Tacet: The Narrator
Concertino for Tape and Violin - II. Cadenza
Concertino for Tape and Violin - III. Cantabile e Cesura
Happy, in Human Terms
Hymn for the Intrigued

Christoph Berg Paraphrases

Falling Asleep
Poems Written by an Old (Prepared) Piano
Buildings at Night
Paraphrases (on vinyl)
A Small Path Crossing
Quiet Times at the Library
Interlude (Remixed by Aus)
Falling Asleep (Remixed by P Jørgensen)

Christoph Berg Day Has Ended

Aaron Martin - Slow Wake
Aaron Martin - Burl
Aaron Martin - Comfort of Shadow
Aaron Martin - Night Never Came
Christoph Berg - Pillows
Christoph Berg - Today Has Been Alright
Christoph Berg - Things Are Sorted, Finally
Christoph Berg - Coda