ZDAN (zuh-dan) is a Canadian artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist living in Nashville TN.

Nashville Scene calls her a “standout rock polymath” while Rolling Stone Says she is “a guitar hero of the highest order”. First garnering acclaim as a founding member of Juno nominated, Twilight Hotel. After relocating to Austin, TX, and then to her now home in Nashville, TN, Zdan quickly became a sought after session musician and live guitarist lending her voice to countless records and touring with acts like The Trishas. In 2015, she stepped out into the spotlight with her own brand of rock n roll and got back to one of her first loves, producing. Taking her near 2 decades of record and music making she dove into production. Zdan has a dark, gritty and raw sensibility and approach of serving the song, creating a vision and sonic palette unique to the artists she works with, as heard on Kelly Hoppenjans’ 2019 album “Ok, I Feel Better Now” & Emily Scott Robinson’s 2022 album, “Built on Bones” (Oh Boy Records) . You can add audio engineer to that list as ZDAN engineered and produced her 3rd album, FALCON. Her most proud accomplishment to date is recording FALCON in her laundry room in quarantine while her new baby napped.




Dying Inside
The Worst Thing
Falcon's Wing
I Am Wild
Everyone Wants
Can You Be Alone

ZDAN Secretear

Get To You
The Ones
I Want Your Trouble
I Will
Secret Tears
Night Rider
Run Away
Living Is A Sin
Be The One
Wild Fire

ZDAN Brandy Zdan

Back on You
Dawn Is My Enemy
Cut n Run
Love to a Ghost
Only the Sad Songs
What It's All For
Running for a Song
People Like Us
Courtship of Wild Horses
Median Artery
More of a Man

ZDAN Instrumentals 1: Heart Theft

Jealous of the Wind
Phase Viewer
Heart Theft
Letter Three
Lost Lullaby

ZDAN Lone Hunter

Mourning Dove
O Where
Does Everything Break
Blood As The Ink
Lone Hunter
I Remember When You Used To Love Me