Will Berman / MGMT


Will Berman

Berman grew up in New England playing and recording music since the age of 9.  After receiving bachelors degrees from Wesleyan University with honors in music and anthropology in 2004, he moved to NYC to begin a career in music.  From 2005-2008 he worked in the tape library at Sterling Sound and then at digital music distribution/record label The Orchard, while constantly gigging around the city.  Since joining MGMT to play drums on the road and in the studio in 2008, he’s been able to travel across the globe and share stages with many renowned musicians.  Berman now splits his time between performing live with bands and taking as many opportunities as possible to expand his abilities in the studio as a player, composer, and producer.


Will Berman / MGMT A Little Dark Age

She Works Out Too Much
Little Dark Age
When You Die
Me and Michael
Days That Got Away
One Thing Left to Try
When You're Small
Hand it Over

Will Berman / MGMT MGMT

Alien Days
Cool Song No. 2
Mystery Disease
Your Life is a Lie
A Good Sadness
I Love You Too, Death
Plenty of Girls in the Sea
An Orphan of Fortune

Will Berman / MGMT Congratulations

It's Working
Song for Dan Treacy
Someone's Missing
Flash Delirium
I Found a Whistle
Siberian Breaks
Brian Eno
Lady Dada's Nightmare

Will Berman / MGMT Oracular Spectacular

Time to Pretend
Weekend Wars
The Youth
Electric Feel
4th Dimensional Transition
Pieces of What
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
The Handshake
Future Reflections