Wild Yaks

wild yaks

These people. These people are crazy people. They have wild eyes and giant hearts. They are the soundtrack to every shambolic night and every bittersweet morning. They are Wild Yaks and the world is better with them in it. Always surrounded by tumult Martin Cartagena, Jose Aybar, and Rob Bryn are the crooked backbone to one of Brooklyn’s most beloved rock bands. You won’t find a person who has seen them that doesn’t love them. You’ll get lost in them. Live they are shamanistic, spiritual, a cult you’d actually join.

They return with REJOICE! GOD LOVES WILD YAKS a brand new 8 song LP from Ernest Jenning Record Co. The Yaks maintain wild group vocals lead by Bryn’s sea-soaked romanticism, yet the sound is more expansive than past records. Produced by Kevin S. McMahon at Marcata Studios (Swans, Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen) we see the Yaks employ a horn section, strings, flute and saxophone, without it ever taking away from the energy and immediacy of the songs anchored by the melodic bass and shuffling drums of Aybar and Cartagena and the rough poetry of Bryn. If you know the Yaks then you know how great they can be and if you don’t, well, you better get on board as soon as possible, who knows if you’ll get another chance. REJOICE! GOD LOVES THE WILD YAKS AND SO DO WE!


Wild Yaks Great Admirer

What Does My Love?
Great Admirer
Strawberry Wolf
Feast Of Flesh
Pharaoh Song
Do You Believe?
Fuck From Beyond The Grave

Wild Yaks Rejoice! God Loves Wild Yaks

Golden Sphere of Light
Wise One
Don't Cha Know
Night Watchman
Woman, The Weight of the World

Wild Yaks Million Years

A Million Years
Comes Close To You
Other Men
Angel Eyes
Blood And Wine
Golden Door/Many Pretty Girls
Take My Hand
Last Tears

Wild Yaks 10 Ships (Don’t Die Yet!)

River May Come
Wish I Had A Whip
Crazy But Not Afraid
Blood Red Field
I'm A Fool
River May Come (LIVE)
Pondering Philospher (LIVE)
Crazy But Not Afraid (LIVE)
Tomahawk (LIVE)