We Were Promised Jetpacks

WWPJ_2020_034 - photo by Euan Robertson (web res)

Adam Thompson

Driving melodies, searing vocals, and heart. We Were Promised Jetpacks arrived on the indie landscape with a bang in the late 00’s, and since then have consistently produced music that hits the core of every fan. 

Adam, Darren and Sean have been friends and band mates since high school, growing up in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. Ever since they cruised to victory in school battle of the bands, they never looked back. 

With monster albums These Four Walls (2009), In the Pit of the Stomach (2011), Unravelling (2014), The More I Sleep the Less I Dream (2018), Enjoy The View (2021) in the back catalog, 2022 is looking brighter than ever. 

Entering 2020 as a trio with a handful of songs written and a small tour under their belts, the world around them came to a sudden halt. Yet despite the unquestionable hardship that the lockdown brought with it, for a band looking to rebuild following a dramatic change, it also proved to be a blessing in disguise.

With the space to focus on the structure of the songs over what is immediately possible in a practice room, the band shifted gears. “We’ve always considered ourselves a live band more than a studio band,” Darren notes, explaining how the past twelve months have forced a change. “This was more about focussing on making a really great album rather than thinking about how we play it live. Let’s make an album that’s just slightly different for us.”

The result, ‘Enjoy The View’, is also the product of a more settled band. Fifteen years into their career, the trio are more focussed than ever. “We are doing this for ourselves and the people who like our music and get something out of it,” Adam gleams. 


We Were Promised Jetpacks A Complete One-Eighty

Fat Chance - EP Version
If It Happens - EP Version
All That Glittered - EP Version
If It Happens - Manchester Orchestra remix
Nothing Ever Changes - Andy Monaghan remix
Fat Chance - Zoe Graham remix

We Were Promised Jetpacks Enjoy The View

Not Me Anymore
Fat Chance
All That Glittered
Don't Hold Your Breath For Too Long
What I Know Now
If It Happens
I Wish You Well
Blood, Sweat, Tears
Nothing Ever Changes
Just Don't Think About It

We Were Promised Jetpacks The More I Sleep The Less I Dream

In Light
Someone Else's Problem
Make It Easier
Hanging In
When I Know More
Not Wanted
Repeating Patterns
The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream.

We Were Promised Jetpacks Unravelling

Safety in Numbers
Peaks and Troughs
I Keep It Composed
Peace Sign
Night Terror
Bright Minds
A Part of It
Moral Compass
Peace of Mind

We Were Promised Jetpacks E Rey (Live in Philadelphia)

Short Bursts (Live)
Human Error (Live)
Hard To Remember (Live)
Quiet Little Voices (Live)
Peace Sign (Live)
Ships With Holes Will Sink (Live)
Boy In The Backseat (Live)
Medicine (Live)
Keeping Warm (Live)
Roll Up Your Sleeves (Live)
Sore Thumb (Live)
Pear Tree (Live)
It's Thunder And Lightning (Live)

We Were Promised Jetpacks In The Pit Of The Stomach

Circles and Squares
Through the Dirt and the Gravel
Act On Impulse
Hard to Remember
Picture of Health
Sore Thumb
Boy in the Backseat
Human Error
Pear Tree

We Were Promised Jetpacks These Four Walls

It's Thunder and It's Lightning
Ships With Holes Will Sink
Roll Up Your Sleeves
A Half Built House
This is My House, This is My Home
Quiet Little Voices
Moving Clocks Run Slow
Short Bursts
Keeping Warm
An Almighty Thud