Van Bellman


Van Bellman’s newest single “Lightning in a Bottle” explodes with a mix of indie rock, blues, and catchy pop elements. Clocking in well under the three-minute mark, this guitar-driven scorcher shows strong influences from the Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, and One Republic. Produced by American Authors bandmate Dave Rublin, “Lightning in a Bottle” pulls off a balancing act of elements both retro and modern, gritty yet polished. 

The bluesy rock quartet Van Bellman is the brainchild of Zac Taylor. You may have seen him playing guitar on late-night TV with American Authors, or perhaps carrying your luggage as an actual bellman at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue a few years back. Taylor has been based in Brooklyn for the last nine years, but has just set up shop in Los Angeles, where he is currently working on the debut Van Bellman EP due out early 2021.

“Lightning in a Bottle” follows the previous singles’ gritty vibe with an added layer of radio-friendly punch. “I Hate To See You This Way” debuted on Sirius XM’s AltNation in 2018, followed by Billboard magazine premiering the anthemic “Gold & Blue.” The future for Van Bellman is looking bright, loud, and dirty. Visit for more.