Turing Machine


Justin Chearno
Scott DeSimon
Jerry Fuchs

Founded in the late 1990s by guitarist Justin Chearno (Panthers, Pitchblende), bassist Scott DeSimon (Pitchblende), and drummer extraordinaire Jerry Fuchs (Maserati, !!!, The Juan Maclean), Turing Machine are a blistering fusion of Krautrock, face-melting psychedelia, and relentlessly sweaty dance music. Their multitude of other projects has kept them to a scarce catalog of only three albums in a dozen years, but with their newest release, What Is The Meaning Of What, they have without a doubt reached new peaks by stripping their music to its barest, most body rocking essentials.


Turing Machine What Is The Meaning Of What

Yeah, C'mon!

Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar

Slave To The Algorithm

Sex Ghost

What Is The Meaning Of What

If It's Gone (It's On)

Bovina 2/23/08

Turing Machine Zwei

(Dr. R Von) Poodles

Bleach It Black

Bitte, Baby, Bitte

Don't Mind If I Don't

Whodu Wudu

Synchronicity III

Rock. Paper. Rock

Turing Machine A New Machine For Living


Flip-book Oscilloscope

The Doodler


(got My) Rock Pants On

On Form And Growth

Swiss Grid