True Love

true love

Tom Beaujour
Keith Hartel
Ray Kubian

Where did rock and roll with a simple kick-ass melody go on? Well, consider it found again with True Love, propagators of unpretentious, pumping, thumping, melodious rock and roll. What does True Love sound like? Only the very best offerings in the righteous, heavenly spirit of Sloan, Fountains Of Wayne, Superdrag, Nada Surf, Candy Butchers and Butch Walker/Marvelous 3, that *is* what! As with all their material, the songs are driven by sparkling guitar lines with massive hooks punching their way to the front of the line and layered harmonies with big swelling hooks we talked sticking to each of the songs like fly paper. Each song will sneak into your head and hatch melodies that will resurface in the form of a hum or foot tap for days. Yeah. Simply, it`s a swaggering display of classic NYC-styled rock with a sweet punchy center core.


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The Future
Swinging From the Trees
The Black Marauder
Bitter Wine
Second of One
Calamity Jane
Born Against
Who's That Kid
Law and Order
Wing Commander