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Patrick Stickles

Since debuting in 2008, Titus Andronicus [hereafter +@] has been conditioning faithful listeners to always expect only the unexpected, consistently zigging where others would zag and maintaining a steadfast dedication to fearless ambition. With the release of the new studio album A Productive Cough, +@ has executed the most shocking departure yet—but only if, as ever mercurial singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles insists, “you haven’t been paying attention.”

In a move that may infuriate the black-denim-and-PBR set, A Productive Cough finds +@ setting aside the leadfooted punk anthems of yesteryear in favor of a subtler, more spacious approach that pushes Stickles’ soul-baring songwriting to the fore, creating a conversational intimacy between artist and audience with which previous +@ efforts had only flirted.

This new restraint sacrifices none of +@’s singular intensity, from the merciless lyrical onslaught of “Number One (In New York)” to the blistering guitar solos which accompany the swaggering (Crazy) Horseplay of rock band workouts “Real Talk” and “Home Alone” to the disarmingly passionate commuter hymn “Mass Transit Madness (Goin’ Loco’).” Even the surprisingly groovy “Above the Bodega (Local Business)” hides, beneath its loose and spontaneous facade of zesty brass and propulsive congas, a pained admission of secret shame, despairing the challenge of keeping the dark side concealed before the ever-judgmental eye of the big city.

“The last record [2015’s rock opera The Most Lamentable Tragedy] was very much a culmination of all that had come before—closing, or really slamming, a lot of doors,” Stickles explains, “and to move forward, I had to look for a new door to walk through, only to find a window which had been cracked open all along. [A Productive Cough] is the gentle breeze which had been wafting through, which I can breathe in fully at last.”


Titus Andronicus An Obelisk

Just Like Ringing a Bell
Troubleman Unlimited
(I Blame) Society
My Body and Me
Hey Ma
Beneath the Boot
On the Street
Within the Gravitron
The Lion Inside
Tumult Around the World

Titus Andronicus Home Alone on Halloween

Home Alone (on Halloween)
Only a Hobo
A Letter Home

Titus Andronicus A Productive Cough

Number One (In New York)
Real Talk
Across the Bodega (Local Business)
Crass Tattoo
(I'm) Like a Rolling Stone
Home Alone
Mass Transit Madness (Goin' Loco')

Titus Andronicus S​+​@​dium Rock : Five Nights at the Opera

Dimed Out
Lonely Boy
I Lost My Mind
Fatal Flaw
The Fall
Into the Void (Filler)
Sun Salutation
No Future Part V: In Endless Dreaming
69 Stones
Stable Boy
Stranded (On Our Own)

Titus Andronicus The Most Lamentable Tragedy

The Angry Hour
No Future Part IV - No Future Triumphant
Stranded (On My Own)
Lonely Boy
I Lost My Mind
Look Alive
The Magic Morning
I Lost My Mind 2
Mr. E. Mann
Fired Up
Dimed Out
More Perfect Union
Sun Salutation
(s)he said (s)he said
Funny Feeling
Fatal Flaw
A Pair of Brown Eyes
Auld Lang Syne
I'm Going Insane (Finish Him)
The Fall
Into The Void (Filler)
No Future Part V - In Endless Dreaming
seven seconds
Stable Boy
A Moral