The Special Pillow

the special pillow

Dan Cuddy

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The Special Pillow Mind Wipe

Red Lantern
Mind Wipe
So Inclined
Access Denied
Organic Panic
Another Tragic Chorus

The Special Pillow Sleeping Weird

Gilded Shrug
A Billion Years Ago
Flaming Skull
Catch Your Breath
Her Dogs
Cryogenic Tomb
Thought Bubble
Sleeping Weird
All My Exes Live in Vortexes
Hudson River Dreamboat
Paleolithic Axe

The Special Pillow At the Earth’s Core

At the Earth's Core
Un-Free Associate
An Overwhelming No
(We Will Never) Split the Difference
Dangling and Dying
All That We Say (and Don't Say)
The Challenge of Getting "Out There"
The Land That Time Forgot
Mystery Train 3000
Rightfully Left
Please, Plesiosaur

The Special Pillow Infinite Regression

To No Avail
In Retrograde
Third of July
Infinite Regression
It Better Be Something Good
Staring At the Screen
Unwinding Like a Clock
Coming Soon
Airlocked and Earthbound
Bad Luck and Bad Living
The Pixelated Cloud
Rainbow Clams
Supermassive Disgrace
Ultimate Recession