The New Rags

the new rags

Andrew Pierce
Tom Merrigan

The New Rags are the world’s only Pop, Rock and Ragtime duo! Based in New York, their performances, complete with catchy pop songs, hooks, harmonies and instrumental interludes, show off their influences which range from Scott Joplin to Ben Folds, from Brian Wilson to garage bands of the 1960s. Their new 6 song EP Take Jennie To Brooklyn is available now!


The New Rags Superpower

Break The Habit

The New Rags Gotta Get Outta Here

When You Fall In Love
Gotta Get Out of Here
Your Room
The Cascades
She Said
Cat-Like Robot
Russian March
Russian Dance
Russian Occupation
Hearts On Her Arm
After School
On A Leash
Maple Leaf Rag
Drive Me Crazy (Bonus Previously Unreleased)
Surf Seven Seas (Bonus EP Version)
Hate To Leave You (Bonus EP Version)
It's Over (Bonus EP Version)
Love of My Life (Bonus EP Version)

The New Rags Take Jennie To Brooklyn

Your Room
Surf Seven Seas
Hate to Leave You
It's Over
Russian March
Love of My Life