The Cave Singers


Pete Quirk
Derek Fudesco
Marty Lund
Morgan Henderson

If every story is a story about love, what of suffering, surrender, and redemption? Life says they’re in there too. Along with traffic jams and dishes, jobs and sunsets and spilling all the red wine on the floor. All of it.

Naomi, the fourth record from Northwestern mystics The Cave Singers, is a totem to these things: the every-, any-, all- ways of life. Written over the span of ten months and recorded in one, it bears a new and more expansive production style that captures the live performance energy the band has developed over the past five years. The disc was engineered and produced at Avast Studios in Seattle by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill, Shins, Modest Mouse). Each song on the album functions like a chapter in a bigger story, addressing themes of the past, exhuming the memories under moonlight. There are songs of addiction, car ownership, fireworks, tree houses, moving to New Mexico, and God, each shifting in all the ways that make life difficult and miraculous, astounding and beautiful.

The core trio of singer Pete Quirk, guitarist Derek Fudesco & drummer Marty Lund have added long time friend Morgan Henderson (Blood Brothers, Fleet Foxes) on bass and extra instrumentation to round out The Cave Singers family. Together they have charted new territory for the band both musically and spiritually, while remaining true to their distinctive brand of brushfired folk. After some time in the dark wealth of the unknown, they have returned to the light with a revitalized purpose. Making music as a cure. Music as a home you always have.

But who or what is Naomi? Naomi is the farthest star just within sight. The tiniest shell, that though broken, remains whole. A fictional muse, who sleeps it off on your couch with her shoes still on. A holy waitress of the cosmos. A miracle, a change, a rekindled sinner who paints all his neighbor’s homes for free. A breath, a beat of the heart. A love.


The Cave Singers Demos & B-Sides

Man In Hotel Room
Face in the Crowd
50/50 Dream
Far Rockaway
At the Rig
Apple Road
The Dog
Lillies in Time
Curbie Came By

The Cave Singers Banshee

That's Why
Lost in the Tide
Southern Bell
Who's Well
Strip Mine
Cool Criminal
The Swimmer
Fade Away
Christmas Night
Light in the House

The Cave Singers Naomi

Have To Pretend
No Tomorrow's
It's a Crime
Week to Week
Easy Way
Karen's Car
Northern Lights
Early Moon
When the World

The Cave Singers No Witch

Gifts and the Raft
Swim Club
Black Leaf
Outer Realms
Haller Lake
All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts
Clever Creatures
Distant Sures
Faze Wave
No Prosecution If We Bail

The Cave Singers Welcome Joy

Summer Windows
At the Cut
Hen of the Woods
Beach House
I Don't Mind
Welcome Joy

The Cave Singers Invitation Songs

Seeds of Night
Dancing On Our Graves
Cold Eye
Royal Lawns
Elephant Clouds
New Monuments
Oh Christine
Bricks Of Our Home