The Building


Anthony LaMarca
Angelo La Marca

Anthony LaMarca is a member of The Building and co-founder of Primary Records. He has also recorded and performed with Dean & Britta, The War On Drugs, St Vincent, JBM, Leverage Models, and many others on the Primary label.


The Building Just for Once

Just for Once
Fine Without It
Have to Forgive (Solo Version)
Wish I'd Won

The Building Reconciliation

Taken Away
If I
Love, Fuck
Who's Your Guardian
Have to Forgive
I Took Your Time
Ballad of Electric St.
Born Too Late
I'm Sorry - I'm Not Here

The Building The Swooshy Businessman

...Twenty Years
For The Millionth Time
Feel My Love
Heard The News
Heard The News II
Ethel Merman
More Like My Old Man
This Is Not About You And It Never Was
Did I Tell You
Patrick's Flame
About To Go
There Was A Time
Believe In Us Now
We Had It All
Twenty Years...

The Building You’re Still a Champ

The Mighty One
In That Picture Frame
Have You Ever Seen a Fire
To Be Dreaming
Child's Mind
The Kirby Furnace
And Will Never Be
ALifeALightALoneALine/The Importance of Geography