The 6ths


Stephin Merritt

Stephin Merritt is one of the most prominent and most prolific (The Magnetic Fields, Gothic Archies, Future Bible Heroes) songwriters of this or any other generation. For The 6ths, Merritt pens the words and music, but then invites a diverse cast of singers to handle the vocal duties. Hyacinths and Thistles is a stunning collection of songs and performers Spectorian in scope and grandeur.


The 6ths Hyacinths and Thistles

As You Turn to Go
Give Me Back My Dreams
He Didn't
I've Got New York
Just Like a Movie Star
Kissing Things
Night Falls Like a Grand Piano
The Dead Only Quickly
The Sailor in Love With the Sea
Waltzing Me All the Way Home
You You You You You