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We’re SWiiMS, an indie rock outfit from Toronto, Canada. Singer Mai Diaz Langou & Guitarist Colin Thompson started writing songs together in late 2018. Blending a mixture of his fuzzy, jangly, swirling guitar tones with her elegant poetry, textured melodies and languid voice. Bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh joined shortly after, bringing a fresh voice, unique blend of influences and hooky bass lines to the group.

Drawing influence from a diverse spectrum of artists, SWiiMS blends elements of 80’s New Wave, 90’s Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Brit Pop and Dream Pop together to arrive at a sound that is all their own.


SWiiMS released their debut EP “Through Waves” in the spring of 2019 amid the growing pandemic. Despite the shutdown, “Through Waves” enjoyed solid critical achievements, radio play and charted on NCAA. The band’s firsy full length LP “Into The Blue Night” is out now! The album has been enjoying success since its release on November 10, 2023: it remains on the NACC charts since its release date and it debuted at #16 on NACC Radio Canada.