Sur Une Plage


Colin McKill
Joshua Wells

Vancouver-based Sur Une Plage combines the talents of Joshua Wells (of Black Mountain and Lightning Dust, among others) and Colin McKill (of Lord Beginner and Hard Drugs, among others). Discussed primarily as a concept for some time, Wells and McKill eventually began work on Sur Une Plage in December of 2013 at the Balloon Factory, Wells’ Vancouver studio. Eschewing the “traditional” band format of which they are both veterans, Sur Une Plage instead employs a clinical, precise approach to arrangement, utilizing an era-and-genre-pillaging pirates’ collection of sequenced hardware and hand-massaged analogue textures. The live Sur Une Plage experience is a dance-able exploration of the tension created by the percussive instrumentation of Wells, combined with the adventurous, world-weary, cautious optimism found in McKill’s vocals.


Sur Une Plage Legerdemain


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Love Machines

The Right Drug



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