Still Flyin

still flyin

Sean Rawls

The San Francisco-based supergroup Still Flyin’ was assembled in late 2004 by singer/songwriter Sean Rawls. By the time he arrived on the West Coast he was already a veteran of various Athens, GA bands, including Masters of the Hemisphere and Je Suis France. For the latter band, Rawls wrote a reggae song, “Never Gonna Touch the Ground.” The song quickly became a live show staple and crowd favorite.

After relocating to San Francisco, the song seemed to have a life of its own and demanded to be jammed. Rawls decided he needed to form a band based on that song and the dream of Still Flyin’ was born. He asked virtually everyone he knew in his new city to join the reggae-inspired project, and to everyone’s surprise the first practice had fifteen people at it.

What might have begun as a lighthearted nod to good times soon became a juggernaut that no one in the band expected, and before long the group had become a San Francisco phenomenon. It didn’t hurt that this nascent supergroup counts members of bands such as Track Star, Aislers Set, Ladybug Transistor, Love Is All, Maserati, and Red Pony Clock amongst it’s rotating collective.

But even without the stellar indie-rock pedigree, Still Flyin’ would be a force to be reckoned with. The band’s hybrid of Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, and U-Roy style Dub plays out in energetic and joyfully chaotic live shows that have gotten even the most skeptical and frumpy indie rock asses shaking. The party atmosphere is infectious and they’ve been joined on stage by Jens Lekman and various members of Architecture In Helsinki who simply couldn’t resist the jam.


Still Flyin Perfect Future

Way Out West

Get Out Of My Car

Morning Boys

Love Both Sides

Dad Rock


Tea Leaves


Verbal Commitment


Still Flyin On A Bedroom Wall

Elsie Dormer

Travelin' Man

Big Trouble in Little Alabama


Cleat Talking

Surrender to Me

Camouflage Detection

Take These Streets


Jacket in July

Still Flyin A Party In Motion

Bull Riff


Neu Idea

Higher Than Five

Still Flyin Never Gonna Touch The Ground

Never Gonna Touch the Ground

Following the Itinerary

Forever Dudes

Good Thing ItÕs a Ghost Town Around Here

Act of Jamming

The Hott Chord is Struck

No Go-Kart Ideas

Haunted Houses

Dead Memory Man

Ginko Biloba

Aerosmith Take Me to the Other Side

Still Flyin Za Cloud

Sticking My Head in Ice Water (Almost for Too Long)

The Bird is Aware

Fuck the Stress

Earthquake Body

The Art of Jamming