Say Hi


Eric Elbogen

Say Hi is Seattle musician Eric Elbogen, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been making quirky indie rock records since 2002. Despite plans to retire the band in 2017, the overwhelming response to a vinyl Kickstarter ended up convincing him otherwise (the project, debut pressings of four early LPs, was funded within four hours, eventually exceeding quadruple the goal). Energized by the experience and outpouring of emotion by Say Hi fans, Elbogen began writing and recording the album Caterpillar Centipede. The record, his twelfth, will be released worldwide by his own label Euphobia on September 7th, 2018. A five-week North American tour will follow.


Say Hi Oohs & Aahs


Hallie and Henry

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

November Was White, December Was Grey

Dramatic Irony


One Two One


The Stars Just Blink For Us

Sallie's Heart Is Stone

Say Hi The Wishes and The Glitch

Northwestern Girls

Shakes Her Shoulders

Toil And Trouble

Back Before We Were Brittle

Oboes Bleat And Triangles Tink

Magic Beans And Truth Machines



Zero To Love

Apples For The Innocent

We Lost The Albatross

Say Hi Impeccable Blahs

These Fangs

Snowcones And Puppies

Blah Blah Blah

Sad, But Endearingly So

She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness

Prefers Unhappy Endings

Angels And Darlas

Not As Goth As They Said We Are

Sweet Sweet Heartkiller

The Reigning Champ Of The Teething Crowd