The Royal Arctic Institute

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The Royal Arctic Institute is an instrumental trio playing a blend of post-punk and jazz, a style they’ve termed “post-everything.” It’s been a wildly varied set of collective musical paths that have led them to play music like this — the members have done stints with Das Damen, Phantom Tollbooth, Doug Gillard Electric, Roky Erickson’s band, Arthur Lee of Love and more.

After a year of writing and playing, TRAI recorded their debut album at Nuthouse Studios in Hoboken, NJ with Tom Beaujour.


The Royal Arctic Institute Accidental Achievement

Leaky Goes To Brooklyn
The Grubert Effect
Raymond Roussell
When Razors Were Works Of Art
The Lark Mirror
Frosted Tips
The Vorrh
Dear Mister Bookman
Dark Matter (Song For Randy Newman To Sing)
Northern Progress Exploration Company

The Royal Arctic Institute The French Method

Do the Kuchar
Latonya Ripford
Japanese Viperina
Who Put Bela in the Wych Elm
The French Method
Maystadt Process
Barack's Mic Drop
Greely's Ghost
Ludic Lovers