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Rocky Votolato

Rocky Votolato

The new full length, Hospital Handshakes, is a surprisingly positive explosion of energy that examines themes of healing from trauma, overcoming depression, spiritual longing and finding true meaning in life.

It also marks a turning point in Votolato’s career, the end result of a tumultuous transition that began after the release of his seventh album, Television of Saints, in 2012 with the songwriter second-guessing his gift and even considering retiring from music.

Following his final tour with mewithoutYou supporting the record, realizing that he hadn’t written any new music in over a year, Votolato decided to take some time off the road. It was then, in the summer of 2014, that the creative floodgates finally opened and he recommitted himself to his music with a renewed passion and sense of purpose.

For his latest effort, Votolato once again teamed up with producer Chris Walla, an old friend who was going through his own transition after recently retiring from his longtime role as guitarist and producer for Death Cab for Cutie. Speaking on his own involvement, Walla says, “This collection of songs hit me really hard, and at a really good time. It’s shaping up to be a visceral and tactile album; the band is incredible, and Rocky’s writing is spring tight right now. This is a good one.”

Collaborating with a standout cast of Seattle musicians, including his brother Cody Votolato on electric guitar (The Blood Brothers), Eric Corson on bass (The Long Winters), Andy Lum on drums (Craft Spells/My Goodness) and Casey Foubert contributing Aux instrumentation (Sufjan Stevens), the album promises to be unlike anything he has released before. At the core of Votolato’s new music is the same earnest, impassioned, seeking voice, but now with a little more perspective, the product of self-realization hard-earned from a period of darkness and doubt.


Rocky Votolato Sawdust & Shavings

Sawdust & Shavings
Hospital Handshakes
This Is My Work
Kids As Kids

Rocky Votolato Hospital Handshakes

The Hereafter
Hospital Handshakes
A New Son
Sawdust & Shavings
So Unexpected
This Is My Work
The Finish Line

Rocky Votolato Television of Saints

Little Spring
Ghost Writer
Fool's Gold
Above The Water
Television Of Saints
Start Over
Writing Fiction
Crooked Arrows

Rocky Votolato True Devotion

Lucky Clover Coin
Red River
Eyes Like Static
What Waited For Me
Sun Devil
Don't Be Angry
Where We Started

Rocky Votolato The Brag And Cuss

Lilly White
Postcard From Kentucky
Before You Were Born
The Wrong Side of Reno
Red Dragon Wishes
The Blue Rose
Your Darkest Eyes
Time Is A Debt
Whiskey Straight
The Old Holland
Silver Trees

Rocky Votolato Makers

White Daisy Passing
Portland Is Leaving
The Night's Disguise
She Was Only in it for the Rain
Uppers Aren't Necessary
Wait Out The Days
Tennessee Train Tracks
Tinfoil Hats
Where We Left Off

Rocky Votolato Suicide Medicine

The Light And The Sound
Suicide Medicine
I'll Catch You
Automatic Rifle
Every Red Cent
The City Is Calling
Secrets Of A Salesman
Prison Is Private Property
Mix Tapes / Cellmates

Rocky Votolato Burning My Travels Clean

Crabtree And Evelyn
Holding Onto Water
Like Silver
Without Eyes Still Seeing
Don't Walk Out On Me
Treasure Chest
Swallowing Swords
Like A Mother
Deep In The Earth
I Remember Music

Rocky Votolato Rocky Votolato

I'd Be Fine
Intro To ACGF
Cut Me In Two
Blood In Your Eyes
A Painting Of A Song
The Bed Is Warm
People To Impress
Work Hard
Coast Lines To Follow
I Remember Music