Right On Dynamite


Daniel Murphy
Nicholas Cirillo
Jon Molina

Right on Dynamite is a three man rock ‘n roll combo, currently residing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Dan, Nicky, and Jon have been mates since high school, playing together in a couple of other outfits before finally taking the reins themselves as the mighty RoD. They’ve been making a righteous racket ever since, busting out exceptionally addictive guitarpop fuelled by scrappy energy, sly wit, and a seemingly endless supply of hip-shakin’, hand-clappin’ hooks.


Right On Dynamite In Vino Veritas

Playing A Part
See You Yesterday
What Would Ringo Do
No Fights
Anti-Meditation Song
In Vino Veritas
Big Exciting End
Casio Song
All For Naught

Right On Dynamite Duck

What Would Ringo Do?
What Would Ringo Do? (Andreas Lust Remix)

Right On Dynamite Right On Dynamite

Hard To Show
Pull The Wool
Mantra For The Madness
Changing Of The Guard