Quinn Marston


Quinn Marston

Quinn Marston is a multidimensional artist and musician based in NYC and the Berkshires, MA. He works with acrylic paint, ink, ceramics, papier mache, and video. His work involves a series of interwoven characters. His music has been featured on television shows such as One Tree HillGhost Whisperer, and The Gates. He has performed at New York City clubs including the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn and The National Underground in Manhattan. His music has been compared to bands such as The Breeders, Belly, The Cure, Liz PhairKaren O., a “punkified” Kimya Dawson, and Connie Converse. In 2009 he signed with the NYC-based record label Ernest Jenning. 


Quinn Marston Can You Hear Me See Me Now?

Can You See Me Hear Me Now
You May Not Have Seen
So High
I Can Let It Go
The Fish
Electrical One