Pretty Girls Make Graves


Derek Fudesco
Jason Clark
Nicholas Dewitt
Nathan Johnson
Andrea Zollo

“All we are, all we are, all we are/Is trying not to fall into line,” goes half of one song, and by dint of palpable effort and notable skill, this grrrlish Seattle neopostpunk quintet succeed–except insofar as neopostpunk sets a line of its own, of course. For three EPs now become one 27-minute CD, they thrash out herky-jerk bombardiering, guitar abrasions that won’t go away, and themes, classic themes: alienation, separation, betrayal, all that negative intensity. The counterbalance is a golden age they strive to re-create in the present tense: “And nothing else matters/When I turn it up loud.” Probably the struggle will prove too much in the end. But Fugazi has made a life of it–a life some pretty girls aspire to. A- (Robert Christgau)


Pretty Girls Make Graves Good Health

Speakers Push the Air
If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone
Sad Girls Por Vida
The Get Away
More Sweet Soul
Ghosts in the Radio
Bring It On Golden Pond
By the Throat
3 Away
Modern Day Emma Goldman
Liquid Courage
Head South