John Colpitts
Francis Wells
Patrick Sullivan
Robertson Thacher
Barry London
Shahin Motia

A List of the Burning Mountains is the latest studio album by Brooklyn psych/noise/kraut godfathers Oneida. It was recorded at the Ocropolis, the band’s longtime studio, and it is a powerful, sweeping gesture that evokes the storied history of that space and Oneida’s dedication to a diehard independent music and art community in fashion-driven Brooklyn. This is true underground sound from a band that has released twelve albums in fifteen years and has been hailed by the New York Times, NPR, Time Out NY and the Village Voice as an original, essential voice in the history of New York’s towering experimental music lineage.

Brutal and gorgeous, churning and soothing, Burning Mountains is less a traditional album than a tiny sip from an endlessly roiling sea. Oneida is known for long-form improvised performances and collaborations; this release, with its drunken-master drumming, howling guitar and scouring drones, serves as a concentrated blast from a wholly unique band known for 12-hour live, improvised performances and multi-day recording sessions.


Oneida Romance

Economy Travel
Bad Habit
All In Due Time
It Was Me
Good Lie
Lay Of The Land
Good Cheer
Shepherd's Axe

Oneida A List Of The Burning Mountains

A List of the Burning Mountains 1
A List of the Burning Mountains 2

Oneida Absolute II

Pre Human
Gray Area
Absolute II

Oneida Rated O

Brownout in Lagos
What's Up, Jackal?
10:30 at the Oasis
Story of O
The Human Factor
The River
I Will Haunt You
The Life You Preferred
Ghost in the Room
It Was a Wall
Luxury Travel
End of Time
Folk Wisdom

Oneida Preteen Weaponry

Preteen Weaponry, Pt. I
Preteen Weaponry, Pt. II
Preteen Weaponry, Pt. III

Oneida Happy New Year

Happy New Year
The Adversary
Up With People
Pointing Fingers
History's Great Navigators
Busy Little Bee
You Can Never Tell
The Misfit
Thank Your Parents

Oneida “Equinox / Last Hit”

Last Hit

Oneida The Wedding

The Eiger
Run Through My Hair
High Life
Did I Die
You're Drifting
Heavenly Choir
The Beginning Is Nigh
August Morning Haze

Oneida Secret Wars

Treasure Plane
Caesar's Column
Captain Bo Dignifies the Aligations With a Response
Wild Horses
$50 Tea
The Last Act, Everytime
The Winter Shaker
Changes in the City

Oneida Each One Teach One

Sheets of Easter
Each One Teach One
People Of The North
Number Nine
Sneak Into The Woods
Black Chamber
No Label

Oneida Anthem of the Moon

New Head
All Arounder
Rose and Licorice
Still Rememberin Hidin In The Stones
Dead Worlds
People Of The North
The Wooded World
To Seed And Flower
Double Lock Your Mind

Oneida Enemy Hogs

Whitey Fortress
Primanti Bros.
Bombay Fraud
Give Up... and Move On
Little Red Dolls
Ginger (Bein' Free)
Turn It Up (loud)
Gettin' It On
Hard Workin' Man
Quest for Two
Fourth Eye
Wicked Servant

Oneida Come on Everybody Let’s Rock

I Love Rock
Major Havoc
Pure Light Invasion
Legion Of Scabs
Doin Business In Japan
Snow Machine
Slip Inside This House
Power Animals
Fat Bobby's Black Thumb

Oneida Steel Rod EP

Steel Rod
Hell Train
Sinister Purpose
Peace of Mind