Meredith Bragg

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Meredith Bragg

A direct line can be made from Virginia songwriter Meredith Bragg’s musical output and a chance encounter at age 12 with the song “Ana-Ng” by They Might Be Giants. With a lyrical attraction to the sublime, Bragg tends to favor subject matter where beauty and awe mix with melancholy (Plinian, At Least We’re In It Together, Shattering). He often strives to connect universal ideas to the commonplace, finding inspiration in neglected gas stations (Twin Arrows), vacations (Work and Winter) and dream theory (My Absent Will). He is currently working on his third full-length album at his home in Alexandria, Va., where he lives with his wife, two cats and far too many guidebooks.


Meredith Bragg Vol. 1

Bitter at Best
My Only Enemy
Before the Storm
Work and Winter
Early Sign
I Won’t Let You Down
Cindy’s Song
Waltz No.1