Benjamin Lanz

Think Eno & The Who in a time warp. They get in the Tardis thinking they’d returning to their respective best years in London. Instead, they land at The Ritz in ’92 just in time to catch a Dinosaur Jr. & My Bloody Valentine double bill. Or imagine the holy trinity of Sun Ra+Soundgarde+Syd Barrett? Add in a bit of krautrock + post-rock and, well, this music actually has the sound of that weird DNA.


LANZ A Drift

LANZ & Mina Tindle - Speaker Heads (feat. Mina Tindle)
LANZ & Kid Millions - Repo Recorder
LANZ & Mina Tindle - There Must Be Room In The Middle (feat. Mina Tindle)
How Do You Feel?
LANZ & Kid Millions - Slowly Ripping The Scene
You'll Get Me All The Time
The Day Was Three

LANZ Hoferlanz II

Tell Me, Please
Tomahawk Chop
In Holland
You Drive
125 bpm
This is the Time Where
With the Rocket
Fascist Jock Itch
Lice in My Brain

LANZ Hoferlanz I

Karla's Retreat
The May Runner
Super Arrow
Summer is Waiting (Plover)
It's All Been the Same (ft. Mina Tindle)
The Hurdlers
We Live in Warm Duvets (ft. James McAlister)
The Regional Migration (Snowbirds)