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Katie Von Schleicher

Katie Von Schleicher follows up her 2017 album Shitty Hits with Glad To Be Here, available digitally and as a 7″ on May 4th just in time for her upcoming US and European tours. Produced & engineered by Von Schleicher, Glad To Be Here incorporates the warmth and saturation of Bleaksploitation and Shitty Hits, while nodding towards what’s next.

“On a break from touring this winter I went back to my childhood home in Maryland. I built a fire, set up my gold drum kit, saw a ton of stars and feltĀ  smushed by silence. It was lonely, so I made these songs. ‘Glad to Be Here’ is where I find myself right now. ‘Party Dawn’ is tied to Maryland, to a dear friend and our adolescence,” says Von Schleicher. Bringing the songs back to New York, she finalized them with collaborator Adam Brisbin (Sam Evian, Jolie Holland, Buck Meek) and mixed them with Julian Fader (Ava Luna, Frankie Cosmos, Nadine, Palehound).


Katie Von Schleicher Glad To Be Here

Glad To Be Here
Party Dawn

Katie Von Schleicher Shitty Hits

The Image
Life's A Lie
Going Down
Sell It Back

Katie Von Schleicher Bleaksploitation

Baby Don't Go
Move Through
Everything Ending
I'm Not The Money
Denver Tonight

Katie Von Schleicher Silent Days

When The Rain Comes
Silent Days
Jesus Said
You On My Mind
I Believe In You
Burn My Soul
Black Swan