Jon Natchez

jon natchez

Jon Natchez

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Jon Natchez Epoch Original Score

Hitting the Road
The Store
Through The City
Gassing Up
Night Sweats
Making Contact
Stocking Up
Rolling On

Jon Natchez The Surrounding Game Original Score

Many Lines Emanating
First Move
Meet Andy
Ben in Korea Pt. I
Ben in Korea Pt. II
Meet Terry
The Queen of Competitive Games
The Road to Pro
The World of the Pros
The Beginning
Ancient China
Meet Go Seigen
Round One
Two Eyes
Andy's Mind
The Turtles
Ben Growing Up
Round Three
Rise of China & Korea
Ben Is Eliminated
Curtis Is Eliminated
Final Round, Game One
Final Round, Game Two
The Beauty of the Game
Final Round, Final Game
Will He Be OK
So Close to Perfect

Jon Natchez The Things We’ve Seen Original Score

Everything Burns
It Doesn't Have to Be This Way
We Shouldn't Take Nothing
About All I Can Do
I'll Buy
Try Again
Stand Up, Son
Walk Away
Go Inside
The Burying
Ivory's Song
Stand Where I'm Standing
The Leaving

Jon Natchez The Surf Report Original Score

The Surf Report - Main Theme
Missing Person
K's Memorial
She's a Mindreader Too
K on the Beach
The Tower Represents a Revolution, a Disruption of the Order of Things
The Moon & The Tides
K in the Reeds
That Knot in Your Stomach
The Doppelgänger Appears
K Finds the Patrol Car
The Reunion

Jon Natchez Swaths I & Swaths II EP

Untitled (Juno-106, lap steel guitar)
Untitled (electric guitar, Juno-106)
Untitled (banjo, electric guitar, Juno-106, lap steel guitar, mandolin, requinto guitar)
Untitled (banjo, Juno-106, lap steel guitar, mandolin, requinto guitar)
Untitled (euphonium, French horn, valve trombone)
Untitled (alto clarinet, baritone sax, noise generator, valve trombone)
Untitled (trumpet)
Untitled (baritone sax, bass clarinet, euphonium, tuba)