Joel Michael Howard

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Joel Michael Howard

Joel Michael Howard has made several records with a multitude of groups. After years of touring, Howard decided to record his first solo album. He returned home to New York City and gathered a group of musicians to back him in the studio. After a one-night rehearsal, the band orchestrated 10 love songs. These songs became his debut record, Love as First Response.


Joel Michael Howard 5th Grade, Part B

Room 17
Glossy Rocky
So What If You Care
Man Made
A Lot Of Things
Long Offer
Rubin Marsh

Joel Michael Howard I Feel Nauseous

Hit Wonder
Nice Car
My Phone
Look Alive

Joel Michael Howard Love As First Response

Something Different
The Way I Love You
Don't Kow Why
Wanna Be
Out Before Dawn
Alright I'll Go
Wild Ones
Pete and Mary