Jenks Miller


Jenks Miller

The multifaceted, tireless Jenks Miller (Mount Moriah, Horseback) turns his compositional and guitar-shredding talents to his first widely distributed solo album Spirit Signal, an experimental LP totally of-a-moment; each track was conceived, tracked, and mixed in one day. Though the surface characteristics of Jenks Miller’s various projects vary tremendously, they all share a carefully-crafted internal logic and an arresting attention to detail.  The sonic pallette on Spirit Signal is at times airy and lyrical, at others claustrophobic and raw. Fractured, hypnotic melodies circle each other ominously, organic drones wilt beneath layers of fuzz, and minimal percussion disappears in an avalanche of sky-scraping texture. Spirit Signal is an album of contrast and synthesis, the stuff of internal landscapes.  The playing here may recall folk guitar titans Neil Young and Richard Thompson and mind-benders like Keiji Haino, Loren Connors and Michael Morely.


Jenks Miller Roads to Ruin

Imperishable Sacred Land
Have Mercy
Hats Off to (Roy) Montgomery

Jenks Miller Spirit Signal

Slide Guitar Improvisation in a Blues Style
Slide Guitar Improvisation in a Noise Style
By the Haw
Spirit Signal
Through the Fog

Jenks Miller Zen Automata Vol 1: V


Jenks Miller Approaching The Invisible Mountain

Babylon Destroyer Part I
Babylon Destroyer Part II
Babylon Destroyer Part III
Babylon Destroyer Part IV
Babylon Destroyer Part V
Babylon Destroyer Part VI