J. Laser

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J. Laser is a project led by Composer/Producer Jordan Lawlor in dystopian Los Angeles, California, fusing the modern means of electronic production & sonic manipulation with the warmth and humanity of the classic songcraft & instrumentation found prominent in the eras gone past.

You may remember Lawlor from his previous tenure with M83. At age 18, he was drafted by the French Dream-Pop outfit as a Multi-Instrumentalist on the ‘Hurry up, We’re Dreaming Tour’, beckoning a perilous leap from mild-mannered home-schooler to archetypal rock magus playing Coachella, Glastonbury, and Lollapalooza in a matter of months.

He spent the following years with the group, touring globally and contributing as a creative asset, most notably on his ethereal, sovereign composition ‘Walkway Blues’ which was sited as a standout track on the band’s labyrinthine 2016 album ‘Junk’.

Working as a collaborator with acts as varied as M83, Oberhofer, Mark Petrie and THEY, as well as countless cues for TV & film, Lawlor has cultivated sound that integrates a cinematic majesty an unabashed pop sensibility and seasoned musicianship.

After a short lifetime of austere studio contemplation and kinetic live performances, he returns to the arena under his own moniker, along with a small family of collaborators, Jamie Lawlor(drummer) and Laura Murphy(bass), determined to disrupt the mass hallucinations we call culture with a fresh and luminous pallet of sound.

With his new project, the sonic thesis is best exemplified in the lead single ‘Waves & Blades’, a track that uses harmonic feedback provided by a stack of modular synthesizers backed by classic krautrock rhythm, topped with an urgent vocal decrying the modern dystopian climate of times.