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Perrin Cloutier
Jessica Kepler

Innera is composer and former Beirut member Perrin Cloutier, and newfound singer-songwriter Jessica Kepler. Perrin who is best known as the globe-traveling accordion-wielding counterpoint in the band Beirut, is repurposing his mulit-instrumental arrangements in an adventurous collaboration with vocalist Jessica Kepler, a formally trained violist. Innera, an old word simply meaning within, began as a duo in the winter of 2013, making spontaneous late night moog and drums improvisations. Finding inspiration in these early demo tapes, brightly carved melodies began to emerge, layers of guitars and pizzicato cello rhythms were added around the harmonious chord changes and fuzzy drones, evolving into a four-song EP debut titled The Syzygy. The sound is lush, magical, and atmospheric. Deep oceanic layers and textures, pretty melodies at once mellow and cathartic with traces of dreamy dark synth pop, hazy surf rock, and psychedelic indie pop. Innera explores the connection between heartbreak and the collective unconscious, the duality of existence from our inner world and the real world.

The duo recorded in Wild Acres Studio, in Dingman’s Ferry, PA as well as makeshift studios in Brooklyn and Wallkill NY.


Innera The Syzygy

Time Lapse