Hiss Golden Messenger


MC Taylor

From Hiss Golden Messenger songwriter and bandleader M.C. Taylor:

I composed the songs that became Terms of Surrender with no guarantee that they would ever become a record; they felt too raw to be of interest to anyone but myself. They were my therapy and my church. But then we were there in Aaron Dessner’s studio in upstate New York, and in Sound City in L.A., and Roger Moutenot’s Haptown Studio in Nashville, and Phil Cook’s harmonica was screaming and Jenny Lewis was singing and Josh Kaufman’s guitar was etching the cosmos, and I realized that maybe these songs were good for something after all, and it wasn’t my year to die. And I was glad—appreciative, maybe—of the previous year because things on the other side now looked sweeter and brighter and not so dire. And through the songs ran a line—the most important theme of the whole record, I know now—about love, and how nothing of value that I have created would exist without it, and I better goddamn well keep my eye on it. Love is so powerful that people made religion to give a name to it, but if we don’t treat it with a sensitive touch, it disappears like smoke. I had a dream once, many years ago, where I heard a voice say “God is love,” and I felt it with my whole being. This record is a reminder of that dream.


Hiss Golden Messenger Terms of Surrender

I Need a Teacher
Bright Direction (You're a Dark Star Now)
My Wing
Old Enough to Wonder Why (East Side-West Side)
Cat's Eye Blue
Happy Birthday, Baby
Down at the Uptown
Katy (You Don't Have to be Good Yet)
Terms of Surrender

Hiss Golden Messenger Haw (Remastered)

Red Rose Nantahala
Sufferer (Love My Conqueror)
I've Got a Name for the Newborn Child
Hat of Rain
The Serpent is Kind (Compared to Man)
Sweet as John Hurt
Cheerwine Easter
Hark Maker (Glory Rag)
Busted Note
What Shall Be (Shall Be Enough)

Hiss Golden Messenger Virgo Fool

Rock Holy
Black Country Woman
Joyce & Joel
Father Sky
Back to the River Again
Tell Everyone
Karen's Blues
The Revenant
Hard Promises

Hiss Golden Messenger Poor Moon

Blue Country Mystic
Call Him Daylight
Drummer Down
Under All the Land
Pittsboro Farewell (Two Monarchs)
Super Blue (Two Days Clean)
Jesus Shot Me in the Head
O Little Light
A Working Man Can't Make it No Way
Balthazar's Song

Hiss Golden Messenger Bad Debt (Remastered)

Balthazar's Song
No Lord is Free
Bad Debt
O Little Light
Straw Man Red Sun River Gold
Far Bright Star
The Serpent is Kind (Compared to Man)
Call Him Daylight
Jesus Shot Me in the Head
Super Blue (Two Days Clean)
Roll River Roll

Hiss Golden Messenger Hallelujah Anyhow

Jenny of the Roses
Lost Out in the Darkness
Harder Rain
I Am the Song
Gulfport You’ve Been on My Mind
John the Gun
Domino (Time Will Tell)
Caledonia, My Love
When the Wall Comes Down

Hiss Golden Messenger Parker’s Picks Vol. 1: Live at The Parish, Austin, TX 10​/​18​/​2016

As the Crow Flies
Saturday's Song
Mahogany Dread
Day O Day (Love So Free)
Tell Her I'm Just Dancing
Hear Like a Levee
Happy Day (Sister My Sister)
Like a Mirror Loves a Hammer
Drum // I've Got a Name for the Newborn Child
Red Rose Nantahala
O Little Light
Say it Like You Mean It
Cracked Windshield
MC Speaks
Southern Grammar
John the Gun
Brother, Do You Know the Road? (Encore)

Hiss Golden Messenger Heart Like A Levee

Tell Her I’m Just Dancing
Heart Like a Levee
Like a Mirror Loves a Hammer
Smoky’s Song
Cracked Windshield
As the Crow Flies
Happy Day (Sister My Sister)
Say It Like You Mean It
Ace of Cups Hung Low Band
Highland Grace

Hiss Golden Messenger Southern Grammar

Southern Grammar (Live at WXPN)
He Wrote the Book
Brother, Do You Know the Road?

Hiss Golden Messenger Lateness of Dancers

Saturday's Song
Mahogany Dread
Day O Day (A Love So Free)
Lateness of Dancers
I'm a Raven (Shake Children)
Black Dog Wind (Rose of Roses)
Southern Grammar
Chapter & Verse (Ione's Song)

Hiss Golden Messenger London Exodus

Super Blue (Live in London)
He Wrote the Book (Live in London)
I Got a Name for the Newborn Child (Live in London)
Sufferer (Live in London)
The Serpent is Kind (Live in London)
Working Man (Live in London)
Jesus Shot Me in the Head (Live in London)
What Shall Be Shall Be (Live in London)
Drinkin' Thing (Live in London)
Bright Phoebus (Live in London)
Smoke Rings (Live in London)

Hiss Golden Messenger Lord I Love the Rain (EP Version)

He Wrote the Book
Roll River Roll
Fox and His Friends
Born on a Crescent Moon
You Never Know

Hiss Golden Messenger Country Hai East Cotton

Hey Diamond
Watch Out for the Cannonball
John Has Gone to the Light
O Nathaniel
Boogie Boogie
Instant Light
Resurrection Blues
Tongue in Cheek