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Jonathan Allan
Benjamin Compston

When Happyness first burst into the public conscience with 2013’s debut single It’s On You, their spirited take on US college rock was as big a surprise as it was an instant hit. The resulting full length, Weird Little Birthday, went on to feature in many of 2014’s End of Year album lists. Worldwide tours, an NME Award, a re-issue on the much-loved labels Moshi Moshi Recordings (Bar/None in US), and millions of Spotify plays later, it is with some anticipation now that the band finally reveal the full details of the follow-up.

Titled “Write In”, released on April 7th through Moshi Moshi Recordings (Bar/None in US) and featuring artwork from the band’s own Jon EE Allan, the record was made in the band’s own studio above a now-abandoned bookshop, then finished and mixed with Adam Lasus at his LA home studio.

“Write In” sets its stall out as an outward looking, inventive, and thoughtful progression from their debut. Drawing on an array of influences including Roxy Music, The Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Sonic Youth, Big Star and Pierre Cavalli, the direction is best summed up by Jon EE Allan; “I’d like to think this record looks outside the little American alt-rock sphere we were looking in on. I think we used to be very afraid of being earnest. And now we’re able to be tender or heartfelt without feeling too guilty about it. This record cost us about £500 to make, and that was mainly spent on an 8 track tape recorder and a dehumidifier. We self-produced it in our studio [the affectionately named ‘Jelly Boy Studios’, where the band also recorded their debut, ‘Weird Little Birthday’]. The building’s being redeveloped at the end of the year, so this is the last record we’ll make there, which feels like the end of a chapter for us.”


Happyness Floatr

title track
Milk Float
When I'm Far Away (From You)
What Isn't Nurture
Anvil Bitch
Ouch (yup)
(I Kissed the Smile On Your Face)
Seeing Eye Dog

Happyness Write In

Falling Down
The Reel Starts Again [Man As Ostrich]
Through Windows
Uptrend / Style Raids
Bigger Glass Less Full
Victor Lazarro's Heart
Anna, Lisa Calls
The C Is A B A G
Tunnel Vision On Your Part

Happyness Tunnel Vision On Your Part EP

Anna, Lisa Calls
Friend of the Revolution
SB's Truck
Surfer Girl
Tunnel Vision on Your Part

Happyness Weird Little Birthday

Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy)
Naked Patients
Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste the Same
Orange Luz
Refrigerate Her
Pumpkin Noir
Anything I Do is All Right
Weird Little Birthday Girl
It's on You
Regan's Lost Weekend (Porno Queen)
Leave the Party
Monkey in the City
Montreal Rock Band Somewhere
Stop Whaling
You Come to Kill Me?!
A Whole New Shape