Green/Blue evokes a certain somber and honest set of sonics across the dark and dreamy halftoned realism encapsulated in their their albums Paper Thin (Feel It Records, summer 2022), Offering (Hozac, late winter 2022) and Green/Blue LP (Slovenly 2020). Their Minneapolis basement studio translates to tape what many in the post-punk realm often fail to realize – a certain icy-cool confidence. Each track cuts through a work uniform and plugs guitars directly into a human heart, encapsulated by a fully functioning warm body, which is either hugging a pillow and singing along to the 80% cocoa bittersweet dual vocals of Jim Blaha (The Blind Shake, Jim and the French Vanilla) and Annie Sparrows (Awesome Snakes, The Soviettes), or revving the engine to the greaseball anthems of high motility.


Green/Blue Paper Thin

In Lies
Last One
Floating Eye
Moving On
In Time
Paper Thin
Blank Stairs

Green/Blue Green/Blue LP

At a Loss
No Place To Go
With That Face
Holiday Kicks
Proto Caves
Way Down
Police Street
Find a New World
Pink & Mauve