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FOTOCRIME is R/Pattern with Shelley Anderson and Nick Thieneman. Forging a connection between the shadows of the underbelly of the mid-century American Dream, the ghostly corners of post-war Europe, and the present moment, FOTOCRIME breathes new life into Cold War paranoia, modern-day malaise and smoky noir. 


FOTOCRIME’s debut album, Principle Of Pain, boldly returns drum machines and analog synthesizer sequencing to the forefront of the guitar-rock landscape, resulting in an album that confidently displays a mastery of song craft and stylistic range while crafting an distinct sonic identity. Principle Of Pain is a deeply personal album, the singular work of an artist traversing the peaks and valleys of his obsessions, loves, and fears soundtracked by massive beats, warm synths, and guitars that veer from chiming cleans to blown out fuzz. 


Following their April 2017 live debut, FOTOCRIME established themselves as one of the most sonically and visually exciting new bands to emerge in the post-punk/alternative landscape, leading Revolver to proclaim “FOTOCRIME is darkwave heaven.” Found drenched in fog with sunglasses on and collar upturned toward the world, FOTOCRIME commands both pleasure and pain with unshakeable cool determination.


Fotocrime Principle Of Pain

Nadia (Last Year's Men)
Love In A Dark Time
*Don't Pity The Young*
The Rose And The Thorn
Gods In The Dark
Enduring Chill
Infinite Hunger For Love
Confusing World
The Soft Skin

Fotocrime Always Night

Duplicate Days
At Play in the Night Tide
In the Trance of Love
Always Hell
Plate Glass Eyes
Tectonic Shift (Continental Mix)

Fotocrime Always Hell

Always Hell
Plate Glass Eyes
Tectonic Shift