Eric Bachmann / Crooked Fingers


Eric Bachmann

Eric Bachmann, who writes, records, and performs songs mainly under the name Crooked Fingers, lives in Athens, Georgia, these days, where he recorded at The Bakery with Matt Yelton (live sound engineer for the Pixies) throughout the winter of 2010/2011, enlisting the help of Liz Durrett on backing vocals. It’s a cohesive and diverse set of songs with less adorned and more direct and affecting arrangements. Beautifully understated, artfully phrased, and ultimately a paean to perseverance, the album seems to suggest that the breaks in the armor are more important than the armor itself.

There’s an undeniable sense of community Bachmann has regained in returning to writing and performing as Crooked Fingers, working with Archers of Loaf and Merge Records again, and moving back to the southeast. In 2011, Archers of Loaf reunited, toured the US, and played on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and with the August 2011 reissue of their debut album Icky Mettle, Merge began a series of expanded re-mastered reissues of the band’s four studio albums. Over the course of the coming year, Bachmann will alternate between touring as Crooked Fingers and with Archers of Loaf, making the most of two distinct and rewarding modes of expression and performance. All of which seems to be exactly where he should be again.


Eric Bachmann / Crooked Fingers No Recover

Jaded Lover, Shady .
Murmuration Song
Boom and Shake
No Recover
Wild Azalea
Dead and Gone

Eric Bachmann / Crooked Fingers Breaks In The Armor

Bad Blood
The Hatchet
The Counterfeiter
Heavy Hours
Black Candles
Went to the City
Your Apocalypse
War Horses
She Tows the Line
Our New Favorite

Eric Bachmann / Crooked Fingers Forfeit/Fortune

What Never Comes
Luisa's Bones
Phony Revolutions
Give And Be Taken
Let's Not Pretend (To Be New Men)
No Me Lo Des!
Run, Lieutenant, Run
Modern Dislocation
Your Control

Eric Bachmann / Crooked Fingers To The Races

Man O War
Carrboro Woman
Genie Genie
Lonesome Warrior
To the Races
Liars and Thieves
Little Bird
So Long

Eric Bachmann / Crooked Fingers Short Careers – Ball of Wax

Good Morning Sleepyhead
Forks and Knives
A Diamond Is the Devils Eye
Finding the Holes Filling The Gaps
Jimmy the Enforcer
Aspirin vs Arsenic
Short Careers
The Mysterious Death of Robert Tower
Vision and Execution
Reach Out and Touch Someone
Ty Cobb