Elise Davis


Elise Davis

Vulnerability and carnal desire go head-to-head on Elise Davis’ The Token released September 9 on Make The Kill Records & Thirty Tigers.

Story and storyteller are one and the same. “I really can’t express my vulnerable feelings – especially towards men I’ve had feelings about over the years,” Elise confesses, “But, I have no trouble writing down painfully honest lyrics about it.”

The Token puts a microscope on the southern dynamic between the sexes, and the Little Rock, AR native’s inner turmoil, founded on her life’s trajectory against a more traditional path. Elation and ache play a tug-of-war.

The Token is a rare piece of art born of risk and actually sounding like a risk that paid off. Elise Davis is putting her human condition in the forefront for all to hear; The Token delivers an unrelenting living contradiction, one born of her past while wrestling with the present.


Elise Davis The Token

The Token
Pretty Girl
I Like It
Right Way to Ask Me
Motel Room
I Just Want Your Love
Make the Kill
Not the End of the World
Diamond Days
A Love I Can Rely On
I Go to Bars and Get Drunk