Eleventh Dream Day


Joseph Richard Rizzo
Tara Key
Janet Beveridge Bean
Baird Charles Fihi
Douglas McCombs
Mark David Greenberg
Brian Deck
Tim Hurley
Ben Massarella
Tim Rutili

Since first hitting the road in a battered Econoline van in the 1980s, Eleventh Dream Day continues to build on their history by moving forward musically, while never forgetting what inspired them. On Works For Tomorrow, core band members Rick Rizzo, Janet Beveridge Bean, Mark Greenberg, and Douglas McCombs are joined by James ?Elkington (Brokeback, Tweedy), marking the first time the band has recorded with a second guitarist since 1994. Elkington’s addition has unleashed the band’s strengths. The ferocious and visceral interplay between Rizzo and Elkington charge the band with a joyous exuberance that sweeps the listener in for the 43 minutes of Works For Tomorrow. The album also features performances by long time friend Martin Wenk (Calexico) and Chicago stalwart Rich Parenti on horns.

Eleventh Dream Day is known for their raw, inexhaustible live performances. They honed the songs on Works For Tomorrow during an extended residency at Chicago’s Hideout Club, and the packed, sweaty energy of those shows is unmistakable on this new recording. Drummer and sometime lead vocalist Janet Beveridge Bean breaks free as never before, her vocals igniting the songs with an animalistic urgency, as she furiously propels the songs with pure command from behind the kit. Works For Tomorrow was recorded and mixed by Greenberg at the Loft (Wilco’s studio) and Mayfair Recordings. The 10 tracks on the album center on embracing a future which does not succumb to the past, but challenges it in order to adapt and grow. This reframing and understanding of history is keenly stated in the album’s title track when Rizzo sings, “You see her, this must be the beginning or the end of whatever that was.”

“Vanishing Point,” the album’s opening track sets the tone with its brute force and driving rhythm. Written by Bean while on long distance runs, the song captures the thrill she feels on a motorbike as she takes that perfect line through the curve, setting her up for the burst of speed on the straightaway. The guttural urgency of Bean’s vocals on this track are counterpoised by a guitar tour de force. “Requiem For 4 Chambers” — a clever song on the complexities of the human heart — imagines the heart as a disembodied organism moving simultaneously toward destruction and light. From the reimagined, deliberate version of Judy Henske and Jerry Yester’s “Snowblind,” to the quieter, melodic tracks like “Deep Lakes,” Eleventh Dream Day’s fiery performances and inventive arrangements make for the most complex and compelling record of their career. Works For Tomorrow finds the band fixed on the road ahead, barreling toward the horizon with the radio turned up — way, way up.


Eleventh Dream Day Since Grazed

Since Grazed
Cracks in My Smile
Just Got Home (in Time to Say Goodbye)
Tyrian Purple
Yves Klein Blues
Nothing’s Ever Lost
Take Care
Look Out Below
A Case to Carry On
Wish Too Far
Every Time This Day It Rains

Eleventh Dream Day Works For Tomorrow

Vanishing Point
Works for Tomorrow
Cheap Gasoline
Go Tell It
The People's History
Requiem for 4 Chambers
The Unknowing
Deep Lakes
End with Me

Eleventh Dream Day Riot Now!

Damned Tree
Cold Steel Grey
That's What's Coming
Divining For Water
Tall Man
Sonic Reactor
Away With Words
Maybe This Time

Eleventh Dream Day Zeroes and Ones

Insincere Inspiration
For Martha
Lately I've Been Thinking
New Rules
Lost in the City
Return of Long Shadow
The Lure
From K to Z
For Everything
Journey with No Maps

Eleventh Dream Day Prairie School Freakout​/​Wayne EP

Watching the Candles Burn
Sweet Smell
Driving Song
Among the Pines
Through My Mouth
Beach Miner
Death of Albert C. Sampson
Life on a String
Tenth Leaving Train
Southern Pacific

Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade

Stalled Parade
Ice Storm
On Ramp
In the Style of...
Ground Point Zero
Bite the Hand
Way Too Early on a Sunday Morning

Eleventh Dream Day Eighth

For a King
Writes a Letter Home
Two Smart Cookies
View from the Rim
Motion Sickness
Last Call

Eleventh Dream Day New Moodio

Thinking Out Loud
That's the Point
Making Like a Rug
Figure it Out
After This Time is Gone
Where is My Saint
Honey Slide
Raft Song
Everywhere Down Here