Dead Gaze


Cole Furlow

It’s been nearly 3 years since Dead Gaze – the brainchild of Cole Furlow – released their their acclaimed LP, Brain Holiday. Since that time, Furlow got married, moved back to his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi, and returned to his recording comfort zone; his living room.

For his previous LP, Furlow was famously gifted nearly two weeks of free recording time at Mississippi’s Sweet Tea studio where he shed the lo-fi, bedroom recording aesthetic that characterized a slew of the band’s early releases. As Pitchfork said at the time, “he’s swept away the detritus and placed his personality front and center, revealing a sharp ear for psychedelia-indebted garage rock that doesn’t rely on obfuscation to get across.” The same can be said about Easy Travels, but this time the filter’s been removed. Editor-free, and bristling with hints of various pop obsessions, the record moves from T-Rex glam to psych-folk to ‘90s alt-rock to ‘70s ELO tinged sci-fi. Along with notable friends Julian Lynch (Real Estate) and Clay Jones (Modest Mouse, Ugly Casanova) – Furlow’s latest also includes some of his heaviest tracks to date (the arena ready “Wait For Nothing”) alongside perfectly laid-back summertime magic (”Jump”)

The Dead Gaze live show has already incorporated a number of the new tunes and infused them with a blistering edge, but Easy Travels is a bit more true to it’s name, presenting these pop confections in a wonderfully crafted package that shows the depth of Furlow’s songwriting.


Dead Gaze Easy Travels

Constantly Happy
Wait for Nothing
Running All Around
The Times (ft. Julian Lynch)
Bus Stop
I Know a Guy
Wedding Bell
Tongue Tied

Dead Gaze Brain Holiday

Yuppies are Flowers
Rowdy Jungle
Stay, Don't Say
Runnin on the Moon
You'll Carry On Real Nice
A Different Way
Breathing Creatures
Possible Embrace
Brain Holiday

Dead Gaze Dead Gaze

Remember What Brought Us Here
You'll Carry On Real Nice
This Big World
Future Loves and Sing Abouts
Glory Days for Sure
Back and Forth
Take Me Home or I Die Alone
I Found the Ending
A Simple Man
There's a Time to be Stupid
Fishing with Robert
Fight Til it's Dead

Dead Gaze The Pride of Calling Panther Lake!

I'm Used to This Life
Simple Man
Perkins Way
Married in Montana
Future Loves and Sing-Abouts
Be Your Name
Been a Mystery

Dead Gaze End of Days, Why Not You

Back and Forth
Simple Man
Future Loves and Sing-Abouts
Store Space
You'll Carry On Real Nice
Stay Don't Say
Your Ozzie Face
Song for RS
I"m a Mess When You are Gone