Cian Nugent


Cian Nugent is a guitar player and composer from Dublin, Ireland who combines personal passions, such as suburban/coastal blues, traditional kinds of music, late 1960s & ’70s singer-songwriters, jazz ambitions, 20th-century composition, and the Takoma school into a deeply personal style. His music boasts an orchestrated and fully instrumented sound that is playful and eerie at the same time.


Cian Nugent Live at Cafe OTO 2020

First Run
High Up Airplane
Down and Up
Burn The Queen
Dogs In The Morning
Easy to Deceive

Cian Nugent Inherited Traits

Inherited Traits

Cian Nugent Night Fiction

Lost Your Way
First Run
Things Don't Change That Fast
Year of the Snake

Cian Nugent Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase Part 1
Hire Purchase Part 2

Cian Nugent Grass Above My Head / My War Blues

Grass Above My Head
My War Blues

Cian Nugent Doubles

Peaks & Troughs
Sixes & Sevens